Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More of my Projects

My FIRST strapless gown altered for Laura's friend for Jr. Prom EIGHT years ago! (Laura, you're getting SO old!) I was scared SPITLESS! I made gathered cap sleeves and shoulders from the shawl that came with the dress.
Christmas 2007

My friend grabbed what she thought was an "M" t-shirt at Bryce Canyon. When she got it home, it was an "XL". She asked me if I could make it into an "S" ("what?!). I used one of my T-shirts as a pattern and set it on top of her T-shirt, then marked the cutting lines with chalk.
Finished product with the "Fair indian maiden" actually centered on the shirt :)

Last spring Victoria needed a skirt for a school program (and Mommy was busy birthing Ellie), so we went shopping at one of my favorite stores: Savers! She picked out a horrid skirt and nothing else would make her change her mind. When we got it home, she told me to "cut the blue stuff up the front so it looks like curtains." I was so amazed (and relieved) that it turned out so cute! Yep, she's destined to be a fashion designer!