Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Flood" P.J. Pants and Sleepovers

I have these favorite flannel pajamas that - you guessed it - have totally shrunk in length on the pants. So, I did something totally unconventional and lazy (sorry Mom!). I started just below the waistband on the pants and cut 2" off both sides - almost down to the hems. You could cut more or less - depending on how baggy your pajama pants are. Then I sewed the sides back up and took the 2" I had cut off and sewed it around the bottoms of the pajamas. Since they have a pattern, you can't even tell.

While I'm talking about pajamas, our adorable grandkids slept over a couple of weeks ago. While I was making pancakes for breakfast, two-year-old Audrey started screaming. I turned around and she had tried to follow our dog, Lucy, through the triangular part on our table (see photo) and her head was stuck! Now I was in a dilemma: should I immediately try to get her head loose or should I run for the camera?! Since she was pretty hysterical, I tried to get her out. I couldn't budge her so sent Brayden for Grandpa. By the time they got back, I had freed her. Brayden asked how I did it and I said, "I unfolded her ear." And he said, "You undid her ear?!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Do I . . .

My VERY talented Mother-in-Law did this gorgeous embroidery on a linen tablecloth probably 65 years ago. It has some tears and stains so I want to cut it up and put part of it in a Heritage Quilt that SOMEDAY I'm going to make. I want to make myself a camp-type shirt out of the rest of it, but I think I probably need to somehow stabilize the fabric so it won't fall apart the first time I wear it. Any SUGGESTIONS?

Where's the Flood?!

Single fold bias tape sewed to the bottom of the pants (as close color as I could find :)

Finished product - Ta Da! The white hem line just looks like the stitching line
I hate it when I buy some new pants, then the first time I wash them, they SHRINK!!! So, I've discovered if I let down the hem and if there's still a line where the bottom used to be, I can do this: Buy the same color of single fold bias tape and sew one side to the bottom edge of the pants, fold the bias tape up and pin and press. Then turn the pants right side out and stitch along the line that used to be the bottom of the pants, making sure that you're catching the top side of the bias tape.