Sunday, January 2, 2011

Being Cheap Doesn't Pay . . .

When I went to NYC with the Hunter High Dance Co in April 2008, I bought this adorable hoodie. But, being the cheap person I am, I didn't want to spend the extra $$ for a zipper. After wearing it a few times, I soon realized that a zipperless hoodie and a HOT (flashing) MAMA do not play well together :)
So I added a separating zipper - making a dysfunctional hoodie functional!

How To Do It:

* Unpick the hood where it crosses over itself in front, leaving about a 2" gap
* Turn the hoodie inside out and find the center of the front (from the neck to the bottom), then mark a line down the center
* Iron a 5/8" wide piece of fusable, lightweight interfacing from the neck to the bottom of the hoodie, along the line you drew

* Pin a separating zipper (with the zipper head on the inside) on top of the 5/8" interfacing you just ironed on the center line. Baste with big stitches down both sides.

* Use your sewing machine with a zipper foot to sew down both sides of the zipper, about 1/4" from the zipper itself.

* Turn hoodie right side out and very carefully slide your scissors between the zipper and the hoodie so you're only cutting the hoodie - not the zipper. Then cut all the way up between the two lines of stitching, unzip the zipper, and there you go!

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart . . .

I didn't know what to do for the kids for Christmas, but then came up with this idea: a yard of polar fleece, finish the edges, then stuff a pair of mini gloves with regular batting and sew one to each corner of the "blanket". It's a hug from Grandma when Grandma isn't around. Brayden ingeniously came up with the name "Huggies"! They were a big hit. Nineteen month old Ellie just rolled around on the floor in hers.