Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Day 1 - OCEANSIDE BEACH - So great - especially after spending 10 hours on the road!

Victoria & Brayden made a city for the tiny crabs Daddy & they dug up. Brayden was sacrificing his body to protect the city from the incoming tide.

Alan rented a 15 person van

2nd Day - SEA WORLD!!!

Before and After Shamu

Too tired to even finish her cracker


Sweet Baby #5 - Laura
All decked out (thanks to the Aunts & Uncles) & Ready for DISNEYLAND

Brayden got picked from the audience to star in a Western

The babies got tired of waiting in line to see the princesses, so I took them into a store where they picked out a few things. Mommy talked them into waiting until she took them shopping later.

Boo-a-ful Audrey

Audrey got a Rapunzel dress and a cape for her birthday. I caught her admiring herself in the fireplace screen.