Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Non-Political Tea Party - The Best Kind!

While Mommy was in NYC, and Daddy and Brayden were going hunting (which was an adventure in itself - ask Alan about how to clean up projectile vomiting), Victoria, Audrey and Ellie got to have a sleep over at Grandma's & Grandpa's house. Victoria suggested we have a tea party with water, "but what can we use for sugar cubes?" Being the quick thinking Grandma that I am, I came up with Chex cereal. (?) So the girls were delighted with their "tea and sugar cubes" and had several helpings. (Note Audrey's "Rapunzel" braid on the back of her head.)

Lucy joined our tea party, but didn't know how to hold her cup correctly, even after Audrey showed her how it's done.

Saturday morning we went to see almost 89 year old Bestah Mor and then we went school shopping. Victoria found a cute long shirt that had EVERYTHING, including stripes, a ruffle, sequins, a picture of a horse AND a necklace chain with several charms (sorry, Mommy!) Audrey found a cute summer dress, but alas, they only had a size 2. Audrey had to have it and Grandma just wanted to get done, so yes, I bought it for her. Victoria found another one exactly like it - same size and all - and we got that for Ellie. After lunch at McDonald's, it was back to Grandma's for naps. I was just going to lay down with Audrey for a minute, but an hour and a half later I woke up and realized that we'd left Victoria to entertain herself! Fortunately, Aunt Kat, then Grandpa and Tracie arrived to keep her company.

Oh, and Friday night Grandpa said, "Ellie, tell Grandma what's in your pants." Ellie scrunched up her face, held onto her bum and said, "Poop!"