Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love Grandparents' Day!

Of course I had to stop and see my other two adorable grandkids (Ellie was asleep)
Brayden is learning to read and write!

Brayden was all about the scary faces pose. When his teacher asked him to introduce me, He crawled up on my lap and hid his face on my neck while giving me a big hug.

Victoria is such a talented writer!

Best reason to take time off work: Grandparents' Day! We had so much fun filling out a questionnaire about our likes and dislikes - and we have a lot of the same things. Victoria said, "You could check me and Brayden out and take us out to lunch if you want - just a suggestion" :) A few weeks later, Kim surprised them both by checking them out of school and taking them to lunch.

Halloween Festivities

After our dinner of "worms on a bun" (strips of hot dogs, boiled until they curled), we made spiders out of Oreos, etc. Note Audrey's extra long legs.
Ellie didn't bother making a spider - she just ate the ingredients.