Monday, July 18, 2011

Most Relaxing Spot on Earth!

The little boys, including Brayden, Austin, Josh, Maysen and Gavin found 3 goose eggs that had washed up on the beach (along with a HUGE dead carp that Brayden discovered). We all told them to put the eggs right back where they found them, because they were probably rotten. But, Brayden and one other kid took them into the boys’ shower with them, forgot about them being wrapped up in their towels, and yep, when they picked up their towels, the eggs fell on the floor and broke. The smell was horrible and we could smell it really strongly in the ladies’ room, too! So we told them they all had to clean it up and at one point, Austen came out with toilet paper stuffed up his nostrils.

Funny, funny Ellie kept telling everyone, “Hey Kiate!” with a mad face and then immediately smile at them. She said it to me today, so Mommy put her in time out. There was no way she was going to tell me she was sorry, although she did give me a hug, so she had to go back to time out. The second time was a charm and she told me she was sorry.

Everyone's favorite place


Kathrin Paul said...

Great pics! That one of Ellie in time out is the best.

Laura Burtis said...

Bear Lake= pure happiness!!! I absolutely LOVE all of the pictures!!! That hammock on the beach looks like HEAVEN!! (My favorite is Alan asleep! Haha) and Ellie is so dang funny!!! She absolutely cracks me up!!!
Love this post and absolutely love you!!